Big city or Small town.

As soon as Labor Day vacation is over, and everybody get back to their cities from vacation places, and downtowns streets get busy, we decided to look at that from different prospective. Where do you want to live; in small town on the lake, or in the  valley with mountain view, or may be on the ocean shore, or in big, busy and  upbeating, full of noise and people city? These days we can see very interesting development in big cities, like pushing more toward using bicycle instead of cars, more walking than driving, encourage people to buy organic products, encourage to open  more local coffee shop, otherwise it’s looks like cities want to bring small town atmosphere into busy and heavily populated cities. and at same time, when people get a chance they want to get out of their megapolises and visit  real small towns across the country.  In whole fairness it’s not about just any small town but just some special once with nice views, and beautiful nature sites around.

With development of more, and more technology we might see more jobs that offer flexibility and freedom when it comes to the place to live. Let just emaging that you don’t have to drive every morning to your job, you don’t have to beat traffic two times per day by driving to the job and back to home. How about if you need to have just fast reliable internet connection and to be self motivated and enough organized to be able to do your work from any pace you want. Will you choose to live in big city or in small town? I bet a lot  of people especially in their 50 will choose second; wake up in the morning, go to the coffee shop where you know about 70 percent it’s customers, have a little chat with barista, then get jagging through some forest or mountains where you don’t have to add carbon dioxide from the cars into your lungs, and if you really miss the big city, it’s easy to pay a visit or two if it’s  just by 11/2 or 2 hours  driving distance. So we think you might plan to get  some second home in one of cute small towns because it will get more expensive with the time as well as it ‘s going up in major big cities across the nation.

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