Home appreciation over last 30 years



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Have you ever had these thoughts  visit your head;  does real estate market always going up,  and will it stop in some point and will be there some kind of plateau. I mean on big scale, like 15-20 years. Here new report from Trulia, median home price in 1986  at most expensive zip codes was $127,058 and less expensive just $52,022, not bad, right? I bet that, if we would have that kind of prices on homes right now, about 80 percent of population of US would move  in their  own homes tomorrow, to be a happy home owners, and be more then  happy to plummet rental market, but it’s not likely  going to happens.

As of today average home price in more expensive areas is $493,054, and less expensive is $117,827. So home prices constantly going up with ups and down on the middle of the road. It would be grate idea to buy a house in 2008 or even at 2012, but it’s not easy to be on the top, when everything and everybody  at the bottom.

Hers is the list from Trulia, of best performing real estate markets since 1986:

Here are the areas that have seen the biggest return on home values since 1986:

1. San Francisco

2. San Jose, California

3. Honolulu, Hawaii

4. Seattle

5. Portland, Oregon

6. Oakland, California

7. Orange County, California

8. Los Angeles

9. San Diego

10. Miami

It hard to ride big waves in the see or in the market, so try to catch small once, and election season is the one of them. This fall market will slow down, and home prices will go up slower or will stall for a month, and this is your chance to find a house, try to act as it is a buyer market, try to lower price or get  a better deal.


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