Flipping Washington


How many of you hear about flipping property? I guess about  that about seventy percent people hear about that, or saw reality show like flipping Las Vegas or flippin LA.  Some of you  even visited flipping seminars and may be even try to buy some school how to flip properties. Have you ever wondering if you could do it, is it real or just a schem. In most cases it’s depend from how you personally believe that you can do it,  how do you see it, or do you have what it takes, to put your money down and start doing hard work to flip that house. 

This is least of the question you have to ask yourself. There still foreclosed houses on counties auctions every week, and people buy and sell each of them. No meter what you want, to buy and  sell it  or just build rental portfolio for your retirement, it still a possibility to do so, and most important there is no need to buy expensive school or seminar how to do it. We have few places in our area where you could go for free, one time per week, look at the available property, ask your  questions, and meet whole team of people who can help you through the process. Now you have a question; about money or how all this work, so  let’s call it a teaser. I’ll give you more information and try to walk you through some processes in my next post, where I will talk about hard money, how they work and basic condition you have to meet to get into flipping adventure, but if you unpation you can send you questions using contact form on the bottom.

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